Vindere af Pontoppidankonkurrence


1. præmie: Rasmus Handest: Homeless Patients with Schizophrenia – An Overlooked and Undertreated Group.

2. præmie: Mathias Ebbesen Jensen: Acute and long-term effects of psilocybin-therapy in patients diagnosed with alcohol use disorder.

3. præmie: Erik Perfalk: Receiving information on machine learning-based clinical dicision support systems in psychiatric services increases patient trust in these systems: A randomised survey experiment.


1. præmie: Martin Korsbak Madsen: Effects of psychedelic and non-psychedelic serotonin 2A receptor modulation on functional brain network connectivity.

2. præmie: Kimie Sletved: Familial load of psychiatric disorders and overall functioning in patients newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder and their unaffected first-degree relatives.

3. præmie: Martin Bernstorff: Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes using Machine Learning on Electronic Health Records.


1. præmie: Pernille Kølbæk: Clinical validation of the Aarhus Side effect Assessment Questionnaire (ASAQ).

2. præmie: Christopher Rohde: Risk factors associated with mortality among individuals with type 2 diabetes and depression across two cohorts.

3. præmie: Malene Ravn-Eriksson: The role of sex hormone levels and serotonin brain signaling in men with Major Depressive Disorder.


1. Præmie: Morten Dybdahl Krebs, PC Sankt Hans: “Biological Predictors of Psychiatric Trajectories in a Danish Population Cohort of Individuals with Schizophrenia”.2019

2. Præmie: Ninja Meinhard Ottesen, Psykiatrisk Center København: “Remitted affective disorders and high familial risk of affective disorders associate with aberrant intestinal microbiota”.

3. Præmie: Christina Blanner Kristiansen, Syd Dansk Universitets Hospital: “The association of time since spousal loss and depression in widowhood: A systematic review and meta-analysis”.


1. Præmie: Simon Hjerrild: ” “Long-term risk of developing dementia after electroconvulsive therapy for depression”. Præmie: 10.000 kr.

2. Præmie: Nis P Suppli: ” Interaction of genetic risk and stressful life events on risk for depression investigated in the nationwide, Danish iPSYCH study”. Præmie: 7.500 kr.

3. Præmie: Rikke Sander Jensen: ”Tolkemedieret psykoterapi med traumatiserede flygtninge – et retrospektivt kohortestudie”. 5.000 kr


1. Præmie: Niels Okkels, 10.000 kr.: ”Light as an Aid for Recovery in Psychiatrica Inpatients: A Randomized Controlled Effectiveness Pilot Trial”

2. Præmie: Christian Legind, 7.500 kr.: ”Heritability of Neurometabolites, and their Correlation to Schizophrenia: a MRS Twin Study”

3. Præmie: Sonja Orlovska, 5.000 kr.: ”Streptoccal throat infection as risk factor mental disorders: Testing the PANDAS hypothesis in a nationwide study”


1. Præmie: Helene Speyer, MD, ph.d.-studerende, PCK:  “The CHANGE-Trial. En randomiseret undersøgelse af effekten af care coordination og livsstil-vejledning til patienter med skizofreni.”

2. Præmie: Hans Christian Brix Nørgaard, læge, ph.d.-studerende, Risskov: “Increased use of primary care during six years of prodromal schizophrenia.”

3. Præmie: Michelle Iris Jakobsen, stud. med, PCK: “Afvigelser fra 12-timers tidspunktet for blodprøvetagningen, ved serum clozapin monitorering – betyder det noget?”


1. Præmie: Linda Marie Kai – “Tickling rats: A new preclinical screening tool for depression?”

2. Præmie: Laura Winkler – “Does specialization of treatment influence mortality in eating disorders?”

3. Præmie: Guðrún Dóra Bjarnadóttir – “The amount of methylphenidate (MPH) extracted from available MPH drugs by i.v. substance abusers in Iceland.”


1. Præmie: Søren Ø. Dinesen – Clinical and Psychometric Validation of the Psychotic Depression Assessment Scale

2. Præmie: Rikke Hilker – Concordance Rates and Heritability in Schizophrenia; data from a Danish Twin Study

3. Præmie: Emile S. Wieben – Elderly alcoholics compared to middle-aged alcoholics in outpatient treatment – 6-month follow-up


1. Præmie: René Ernst Nielsen, Enheden for psykiatrisk forskning, Ålborg Psykiatrisk Sygehus, Ålborg – Increasing mortality gap for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia over the last three decades

2. Præmie: Ole Kõhler, Psykiatrisk Forskningsenhed, Psykiatrisk Hospital Risskov, Århus – Patterns and Determinants of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Use among 174,845 Users of Antidepressants in Denmark

3. Præmie: Dorte Nordholm, Psykiatrisk Center København og Center for Neuropsykiatrisk Skizofreniforskning, Glostrup – Pituitary volume, cortisol and stress in healthy controls, ultra high-risk subjects and first episode psychosis subjects


1. Præmie: Marie Kim Wium-AndersenKlinisk biokemisk afdeling, Herlev Hospital – Elevated C-reactive protein, psychological distress, and depression in 73.131 individuals from the general population

2. Præmie: Ditte EllersgaardPsykiatrisk Center København – A prospective study of the course og delusional themes in schizophrenia spectrum disorders

3. Præmie: Anders Jørgensen, Psykiatrisk Center København – Increased oxidatively generated DNA and RNA damage in schizophrenia


1. Præmie: Michael Eriksen Benros – Autoimmue diseases combined with severe infections as risk factors for schiophrenia. A 30-year population-based study.

2. Præmie: Peter Uggerby – Characteristics and predictors of long-term institutionalization in patients with schizophrenia.

3. Præmie: Linh Duong – Characterization of clinical traits of neurexin1-gene deletion in 2 unrelated families with neuropsychiatric illness.