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juni 28
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Summer School on Affective Neuroscience

Summer School on Affective Neuroscience and in particular the next Summer Course on Fear, Anxiety, Obsessions & Trauma will take place from 28 June to 3 July 2020 in Florence, Italy. The course is organized by Maastricht University (The Netherlands) in cooperation with University of Firenze (Italy).

The Summer Course is an ideal opportunity for clinicians, both psychologists and medical doctors, and young scientists to update their knowledge and expertise on the fundamentals of affective disorders. The course aims at an in-depth analysis of the latest developments on the mechanisms and neurobiology in the field of pathological anxiety, including phenomena that are related to anxiety such as obsessions and compulsions and post-traumatic stress.

This course is part of the Summer School on Affective Neuroscience. The topic of the Summer Courses alternates each year between Anxiety- and Mood-related psychopathology. The teaching format is a challenging combination of lectures and workshops. A distinctive feature of the courses is their informal atmosphere, creating many opportunities for participants to discuss their ideas with prominent scientists.  The Summer School aims to mix participants from many different backgrounds and nationalities to make it an even more enriching experience.

See the flyer and programme here

More information are also available on the website